Berlin Torch

- Jan 21, 2019-

Berlin Torch

1936 Berlin Olympic Games: from this Olympic Games, the modern Olympic Games began to carry out the torch relay, the fire is directly from Athens Olympia ancient Olympic temple.

Torch of the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games In 1934, the IOC adopted the recommendations of the Secretary-General of the organizing committee for the Berlin Olympic Games and decided to carry out the torch relay from Olympia to Berlin before the games.

The Olympic Committees of Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Ceskoslovensko and Germany, which are about to pass through the torch relay, have expressed their full support for the proposal and have given active cooperation, and the Olympic Organizing Committee has finally designed a torch relay route through the capital of the seven countries.

The torch body of the Olympic Games is made of polished steel with the words "Fackelstaffel-LaufOlympia-Berlin 1936 (Olympia Torch Relay-Berlin 1936)" Engraved in the handle section. Also above the font are the Olympic rings and the German Eagle emblem logo, which is painted below the road map of the torch relay. On the top of the torch body on the platform is written "Thank you torchbearer" words.

The 1936 Berlin Olympic Games carried out the first flame collection ceremony and torch relay activities. The priestess handed over the collected flame and the corolla woven by the Wild olive branch to the first torch bearer, who needed to be accepted on one knee. 

The priestess retreated after reciting the verses of the famous Greek poet, and the torch relay began. The torch relay of the Berlin Olympic Games, which passed through Greece, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria, Ceskoslovensko and Germany, arrived at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on August 1. 

The 1934 International Olympic Committee formally decided to hold a ceremony for the Torch collection from the 11th Berlin Olympic Games, which was then relayed to the Olympic venue in the form of a relay.