Cherry Blossom Olympic Torch unveiled in Tokyo using material from the disaster area

- Jan 23, 2019-

Foreign media said that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing Committee on the 20th announced the use of the torch in the Olympic torch relay. In addition to the cherry blossom design to reflect Japanese characteristics, the use of the East Japan earthquake disaster area of the temporary residential aluminum window frame scrap, including the desire to rebuild.

Designer Yoshioka Tokuhito (52 years old) designed a torch length of 71 cm, weighing 1.2 kg. Seen from the top down in the shape of cherry blossoms, can spew 25~30 centimeters high flame. In order to make the flame in strong winds and heavy rain will not extinguish, the use of a unique way of combustion. The color is a combination of cherry blossom and gold "cherry blossom Gold".

About 30% of the aluminium used comes from aluminium, which is used in a total of 824 temporary homes in 3 affected counties in Yanshou, Miyagi and Fudao. The torch uses a seamless manufacturing method known as "aluminum extrusion forming", highlighting superb technical capabilities.

Yoshioka at a briefing in Tokyo that he was inspired to see the cherry blossom paintings painted by students in the 2 grade of the local elementary school in the city of Fudao County, "the care and mutual assistance of the disaster scene is the beauty of Japan, and I want to make it a torch."

The flame will be collected in Greece on March 12, 2020, after the 3 counties were displayed, the same month 26th from Fudao County's football facilities "J-Village" began a 121-day torch relay. 80~90 is expected to attend every day with 1 torches per person, which will be ready for more than 10,000.