Description and application range of Feto Wax

- Mar 06, 2019-

Melting Point: 105 ℃, needle degree: 2.0-3.0/d-mm, viscosity: 17cps, good compatibility with resin, good color.

Can be 80% instead of px-105, there have been success stories, price absolute advantage.

The composition of the Feto wax polymer is non-polar wax. The wax consists of conventional petroleum hydrocarbons of 91~95%, while the rest are tert-hydrocarbon and methyl hydrocarbons with branches at the end of the molecule.

This new generation of polymers using advanced technology combines properties such as high melting point, low viscosity and excellent hardness to demonstrate excellent performance in a wide range of applications. It uses a unique synthesis process, using carbon monoxide as raw material, to produce hydrocarbons by polymerization under the action of hydrogen, high pressure and unique catalysts.

Application Range: Color Masterbatch manufacturing, Hot melt adhesive, Polymer, candle, cosmetics, wax blending, electrical insulation materials, textile processing, rubber antioxidant, anti-cracking, bonding, antioxidant, shoe processing glazing, vaseline processing.