How high quality candles should be chosen

- Mar 09, 2019-

A craft candle is a candle that produces a variety of color flames when burned, consisting of a main burner, a hair coloring agent, and other auxiliaries.

The principle of hair color is that according to some metal ions or their compounds when heated, the electrons in the molecule are affected by high temperature, deviating from the original orbit, forming a jump movement.

Electrons emit the energy of the original storage during the transition movement, and emit a variety of luster, the color of the light depends on the radiation spectrum of the substance.


Excellent quality candles help to relieve the fatigue caused by work or labor, but also can play the effect of regulating the atmosphere oh. Most of the ingredients are natural plant synthetic flavor, taste elegant.

And the flame burns evenly and the color is clear. The price of the world is relatively expensive, but poor quality candles because of the lower cost of production, so the market price is cheaper, but there are certain side effects on the human body Oh, and the color of the candle table body will be very cloudy, but also very easy to identify.