How to make torches?

- Jan 02, 2019-

1. As a result of considering the problem of going out at night, when the day is OK, weave the straw into a rope, and then hang under the eaves; this rope is also very strong, sometimes farmers when selling pigs, but also with this rope to bundle pigs, very strong.

2.When you go out at night, find a stick or bamboo stick that is about 50cm in length, and you can grow a little longer, mainly the temperature of the flame is a bit high; tie the straw rope to the stick, the knot is very important, the first knot to bundle solid, entangled when the matter, the end should pay attention to the knot below (flame is burning upward Avoid being burned early, and then the torches will fall apart.

3.We now use mobile phones like the ability to continue, so how does this torch keep it burning? This is related to the weather, sunny day directly with straw rope, rainy days on the rope to pour tung oil, this ignited to the fire, not easy to extinguish, the hometown like to plant tongzi trees, and then their own processing of tung oil, the cost is not high; if the road is relatively far, need lighting time long, how to do? Hey, said, fuel is straw rope, as needed, wrapped in a few laps of straw rope on the waist, burned out and then do one, if needed more, on the back of a backbasket, inside more installed is.

4.The stronger the woven rope, the higher the density, the longer the combustion time, on the other hand, the time is short, light is big, not safe; The burning time of a torch is about half an hour, and there can be one hours of combustion, that is made up of a relatively fine, good workmanship, winding the number of laps, entangled in a circle and a layer of burning.