Introduction of craft formula for craft Candles

- Mar 18, 2019-

Preparation of transparent jelly wax

The finished product transparent jelly wax is made according to the following methods, the addition of 4-12 grams of thermoplastic butadiene rubber per 100ml of liquid paraffin, the thermoplastic butadiene rubber is made of styrene 70 parts butadiene 30 parts, the above matching relationship of liquid paraffin and thermoplastic butadiene rubber into the wax device heating. 


Temperature between 105-120 ℃, stirring, such as butadiene rubber melt in liquid paraffin, stop stirring, cooling, static 0.5-1 hours, become the finished jelly wrong. In the above method, thermoplastic butadiene rubber can be used in the following models:

(1) Business code: KratonG1650 type, relative density 0.91, hardness 72; (2) Business code: Solprene 411,70/30, hardness 68, relative density 0.94; (3) Business code: KratonG1652 type, 70/30,

Relative density 0.91, hardness 72. The core wax is prepared from 100 parts of paraffin wax and 0.3-0.6 parts of polyethylene waxy.

The appropriate amount of polyethylene wax is added to suppress the smoke of core wax, but because the price of polyethylene wax is more expensive, it is not appropriate to add too much. A variety of process shapes of transparent jelly wax can be produced by using the above formulation process.

Fruit Wax Block

A, the manufacture of fruit wax block 

First 100 copies of paraffin and 0. 5-5 parts of polyethylene wax into the wax device heating melt, heating to 110-120 ℃, heat preservation, and fully stirring, so that it melts, and then add the appropriate amount of pigment stirring, so that the pigment in the wax solution dispersion evenly, stop insulation, when the rainbow wax temperature cooling to 95-110C between, remove it into the prepared fruit mold,

After the wax is completely cooled, it can be removed from the mold, that is, the fruit wax block, left as a bottling spare;

B, get ready with the fruit wax block with the same color jelly wax

Heat the finished jelly wax to turn it into a liquid, add the same amount of pigment with the same color as the fruit wax, stir evenly, then cool to 70-75 ℃, add the right amount of fruit flavor, leave as a backup;

C, bottling and wax filling 

First put a core wax with wax core into the center of the glass container, and then pour into the jelly wax liquid, cover the bottom of the container, and then put fruit wax in the container, after a layer, and then water a layer of jelly wax, jelly wax surface than fruit wax block higher than the 3-7cm. , and then before the jelly wax is not cooled, place the second layer of fruit wax, repeat the above operation, until the fruit wax block covering the core wax stop, and finally, on the surface again poured a layer of jelly borrowed liquid, so that it will be core wax and fruit wax block cover.