What are Tiki torches used for?

- May 24, 2019-

Tiki torches are popular because they add an authentic island summer feel to any outdoor event. They come in many different varieties, they are easy to use, and best of all tiki torches are affordable. Now, there are even tiki torches available that have citronella, which is known for keeping mosquitoes and other pests away.

Citronella tiki torches serve double functions. One function of a citronella tiki torch is to create an ambient and festive outdoor setting. They can be lined along the walkway to give a luau feel to a party or just one or two tiki torches could be the perfect lighting for a romantic setting. The second function of the citronella tiki torch is to keep those hungry mosquitoes, flies and gnats away.

Torch Needed

Citronella tiki torch would require an oil torch. The wicks on oil torches are either cotton or tightly woven fiberglass, allowing some to burn for up to 16 hours. While the flames cannot be adjusted, oil torches can stay on in winds at speeds up to 10 mph.