Montan Wax

- Mar 01, 2019-

Lignite wax is a scarce mineral, in 1897 Germany first began to extract wax from lignite, so it is also known as Montan Wax Abroad (WAX). It is a mineral wax containing wax, resin and ground bitumen. Also known as Mundan wax. A mixture of wax, resin, and ground bitumen extracted from waxy coal (mainly lignite or certain peat) and obtained by solvents (benzene, gasoline, etc.).

The properties of lignite wax mainly depend on raw materials, solvents used and extraction conditions. The amount of asphalt anywhere increases, and its color is from brown to black.

Lignite wax texture is relatively hard, high melting point, acid resistance, chemical stability, gloss, electrical insulation are good, easy to dissolve in organic solvents, can be mixed with petroleum wax, stearic acid and so on, and no carcinogenic effect, is an expensive natural movement, plant wax substitutes and supplements.

Scope of application

1. Daily chemical industry: with lignite wax deep processing products fine wax as special effects cosmetics, such as lipstick, cream, hair gel, the application of a large amount;

2. Precision casting Industry: As a medium and high temperature wax mold, can improve the precision and finish of castings;

3. Rubber, plastics, textile industry: used as a lubricant, especially PVC Engineering plastics used as molded and anti-adhesion lubricants;

4. Paper industry: used as sizing agent;

5. Electrical industry: wire, cable and other used as insulation materials, used for waterproofing, anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, anti-aging, etc.

6. Printing industry: high-speed printing ink, copy paper, typed wax paper and other used as paint, not easy to dry, non-proliferation and seepage of handwriting;

7. Packaging industry, Hot melt adhesive industry and candle industry;

8. Used in drilling, highway pavement maintenance, reservoir plugging, mine dust removal, etc.

9. Automobiles, furniture, flooring, bicycles, precision instruments and so on as high-quality glazing wax and the use of a large amount;

10. Shoe polish industry: leather, leather shoes oil as a brightener;