Oxidized wax tells you the 10-point effect of polyethylene wax

- Feb 01, 2019-

Many people think that polyethylene wax can only be used in floor wax production and rubber deep processing, in fact, the combination of chemical industry pointed out that the production of candles will also use polyethylene wax, in the production of candles. Adding polyethylene wax to the formation of candles can enhance the stability of the garbage and other benefits.

We believes that polyethylene wax mainly plays a 10-point role, summed up as follows:

1. Improve production efficiency

2. Prevent bubbles and prevent pigmentation

3. Effective whitening to increase opacity

4. Improve thermal stability and avoid tilt of long candles

5. Increase Gloss

6. Increase the hardness of candles

7. Improve the shrinkage of candle cooling process, improve the demoulding effect

8. Reduce palm cracking in winter

9. When the flavor is added more, the fragrance is effectively maintained to prevent the flavor from being precipitated (flow oil) 10. Improve combustion efficiency and extend combustion time

In a word, polyethylene wax not only eliminates the pigment dust pollution when the plastic coloring, but also the product color material dispersion is uniform, the finish is high, the color is bright, has become an indispensable part of all walks of life.

Warm tip: We will introduce a large number of high-quality wax at home and abroad to customers at the same time, in the town of Zhuqiao near Pudong Airport to build a wax processing base, the production and processing of beeswax, rice bran wax, cracking polyethylene wax, especially in 2010 to introduce the absorption of German technology and domestic experts decades of efforts to practice, the first use of domestic raw , E wax, OP wax, by Japan, South Korea, Taiwan customers used in electronic chips, automotive wax, the company has been in Chongqing Tongnan Industrial park land expansion. 2011 and the original polyethylene wax single varieties expanded to color Masterbatch, PVC heat stabilizer, Rubber industry three series of 9 specifications of polyethylene wax.