What is polyethylene wax?

- Feb 08, 2019-

Ethylene: CH2=CH2

Polyethylene: (CH2-CH2) n

General polyethylene: Around n=2000-20000

Polyethylene Wax: Around n=500-1000

Ultra high Molecular weight polyethylene: n=20000 or above In general, polyethylene wax manufacturers are ethylene aggregates, not only the gaseous state of ethylene, but also different from the hard block of polyethylene, and into wax status, hence the name.

The filler Masterbatch is divided into general filler masterbatch and non-woven cloth filled masterbatch. General filler Masterbatch such as blowing film, drawing, flat wire, etc., you can choose our home low-midrange polyethylene wax products, lubrication dispersion is good, cost-effective.