What material is the torch made of?

- Jan 15, 2019-

China's independent research and development of the Olympic torch using a number of high-tech, in the combustion stability and external environmental adaptability to reach a new level of technology, and because of the military technology involved, torch combustion technology is also regarded as the core secrets of the Beijing Olympic Committee.

The Beijing Olympic torch uses fuel propane, the main component of which is carbon and hydrogen, after burning only carbon dioxide and water, no other substances, will not cause pollution to the environment.

Torch combustion technology is also the guarantee of torch borrowed. As a symbol of the Olympic spirit of the flame, never extinguish nature has become the most critical requirements. China, which has sent manned spacecraft into space, sends the flame to Everest from a technical point of view it is not difficult to analyze.

The entire Beijing Olympic torch relay process requires more than 20,000 torch, according to the design specifications, each cost does not exceed 1500 yuan. So far, only 3 torch samples have been produced.