An Automatic Ignition Device For Firewood

- Jan 03, 2019-

The utility model discloses an automatic ignition device for a firewood, which comprises a starting switch and a starting controller through a wire. The controller outputs pulse electricity through a wire to the ignition needle and the output voltage to start a solenoid valve; the gas bottle is transported to the jet tube through a solenoid valve through the trachea, and the jet pipe ejecting gas is produced by a point fire needle above the nozzle.

The fire flame is ignited by the pulse electric spark, and the fire flame is ignited into the hearth by the bridge over the jet tube, and the firewood is ignited in the hearth through the bridge. The induction needle sends the induced heat signal to the controller through the wire.

The controller stops output pulse electricity and cuts off the gas according to the preset time, and completes the automatic ignition. The utility model passes through the fire. The reasonable structure, the controller accurately controls the design of electricity and gas, automatically completes the ignition process of the firewood, effectively avoids the difficulties of traditional ignition and the plume of dust and smoke, and improves the quality of modern home.