How Should Candles Be Used?

- Feb 18, 2019-

Candles have the characteristics of fresh and pleasant aroma. Unlike candles in the traditional sense, candles belong to one of the craft candles. The use of candles needs to pay attention to the way and method, simple ignition, senior candle enthusiasts appear to be wasteful. So how can we use it better?

Here's a get.


One: Refrigerator refrigeration

As a first use of candles, it is advocated to place refrigerators in the refrigerator for about 2-3 hours before they are lit, which can slow down the burning speed of candles and increase the time of candle burning oh.

Two: Light the Choose to light a candle with a match.

If the candlestick is long, it is advocated that the candlestick be trimmed before it is lit. Candles lit after burning for about 2 hours, the surface of a layer of candles completely melted before it will appear intact wax pool, will not show the condition of the memory hole.

Three: quiet

Candles can not be blown out of the mouth ha, the use of professional candlestick to push the candlestick core in the melting wax pool, after calming quickly lift the candlestick core can be.

Four: Trim the candlestick core

The excessive length of the candlestick will cause the flame to be too high, showing a recall hole or black smoke and other conditions, the general situation is advocated every burning about 4 hours to trim the candlestick core.

After the candle is burned, the candle cools naturally, and then the candlestick is trimmed to 0.3cm with a candlestick.

Precautions for the use of aromatherapy candles

1. Use it in sight and calm the aromatherapy candle before you go to bed.

2. Care should be taken not to put in the vicinity of electrical appliances, stoves, heat sources or other flammable objects, and they should be used in the care of others. 3. Sensitive to light and temperature, should be stored in the cool place to avoid the phenomenon of candle discoloration, ablation and so on.