How To Burn A Candle Is Very Fastidious.

- Feb 01, 2019-

1. First burn is very critical!

If you want a candle to burn well, when you burn it, be sure to wait for the candle on the surface to melt completely to form a flat wax pool before extinguishing it! Wax is a memory, if you burn at once did not wait to burn out the full wax pool will be out of the candle, after each burn to a place to go out will not burn again, over time will form a deep hole.

However, as soon as the complete wax pool is burned out, it can be capricious later, because your candle has remembered where the burning edges are.

2. Trim the candlestick core before each burn

Trim the candlestick core every time you light the candle, leaving a length of about 5 mm. If the candlestick is too long, the candle will burn fast. Trimming can make the candle take a long time. Moreover, if not trimmed, it is easy to have black smoke, candle cup wall is easy to be blackened. It is recommended to trim before burning.

If the candle is not completely solidified when you trim the candlestick, it is more tragic once the carbon head accumulated at the top of the candlestick falls into the wax pool.

3. Let professional tools do professional things

Into the candle pit, you need to be equipped with at least three pieces of professional tools: Candlestick, igniter, candle core shears. Common candlesticks have anti-candlestick clocks and candlestick hooks. However, it is not recommended that you choose the candlestick hook, the use of the candlestick is to press the candlestick into the candlestick to extinguish it, so that it is easy to let the top of the candlestick core of the charcoal head into the wax pool. By contrast, the candlestick clock is more suitable. To prepare a special igniter for aromatherapy candles, because once the candles are burned below, usually the household lighter is not enough to reach the candlestick core, fragrance matches are also a good choice. In the case of a thinner candlestick, especially if the candle has been burned more deeply, the daily scissors cannot reach the candlestick, and the slender candlestick can be easily trimmed with a candlestick core. More importantly, with ordinary scissors to trim the candlestick core, cut off the candlestick core pieces can easily fall into the candlestick, and with the round head of the candlestick, pieces will firmly fall on the round head, will not fall into the candlestick to pollute the candle.