How To Trim And Make Synthetic Wax

- Jan 21, 2019-

Synthetic wax odorless, non-toxic, feel like wax, with excellent low temperature resistance, and its stability is very good, with a lot of energy, and because the water absorption is small, so the electrical insulation performance is excellent but synthetic wax for environmental stress is very sensitive, heat-resistant aging is poor, you can add the corresponding additives to improve its performance.

The properties of polyethylene vary by variety and depend mainly on molecular structure and density. 

Synthetic Wax Wax Mold trimming: Wax Mold Trimming should not change the process size of wax mold, only remove the residual flying edge burr, xiuping wax injection mouth, the rest of the area is generally not allowed to trim. The site that needs to be filled can be fused with an alcohol lamp and coated with a brush. For the size of unqualified wax mold are scrapped treatment.

Synthetic wax pouring rod production: Casting rod should be used mold pressing forming, can improve the casting process yield and casting quality. If the pouring riser is too large and the cooling time is too long, the cooling time of the wax mold can be shortened by using the cold wax block method.


Homemade paste wax can also be used to hand-inject ingot mold, but may affect the wax mold welding and product quality. Hopewell Chemical Synthetic Wax after years of research and development and market exploration, at present in the country has a very high visibility, at the same time access to new and old customers greatly praised, in the community has also established a good reputation, is the domestic import wax pioneer, Hopewell chemical staff warmly welcome new and old customers at home and abroad come to negotiate business, discuss major events.