How Do You Make A Candle Burn Faster?

- May 24, 2019-

So many options that would do the trick! Let’s play a little game of “What if…?”

  • pour out the melted wax so the wick melts and burns more fuel, more quickly

  • add more wicks (e.g. some candles have 3 or more wicks), which then melts and burns it faster

  • use a fatter wick (similar effect to using multiple wicks)

  • use a different kind of wax (some will burn more slowly than others) or eliminate the wax entirely and use only a liquid fuel

  • add an accelerant, such as alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, whale oil, etc. that would burn hotter and accelerate the burning of the wax

  • heat up the candle itself (e.g. put it into a warmer environment), so the flame has to expend less energy to melt and then burn the wax

  • put the candle near a fan (more air flow will result in a faster rate of combustion)

  • increase the concentration of oxygen in the environment (this will also increase the rate of combustion); be careful not to go above a certain concentration of oxygen, or you can turn a spark into an explosion (see Apollo 1 disaster)

  • increase the atmospheric pressure (again, see Apollo 1 disaster)