Production Of LED Simulation Electronic Candle And Technical Difficulties In Existence

- Jan 31, 2019-

Traditional candles are mainly used for lighting or for special occasions where an atmosphere needs to be created.

Candles in the use of the process, due to the use of open fire, easy to be affected by the environment and restrictions, such as the windy environment, easy to extinguish candles, in the closed indoor open fire burning oxygen, the production of harmful waste gas, people feel unwell, and there is a candle bottom fixed, or flammable materials near the flame caused by fire and other safety hazards, So LED simulation of electronic candles gradually replaced the traditional candles.

With the continuous development of the electric power industry, the use of candle lighting in daily life is more and less, is now mainly used to create atmosphere, so the simulation of candles put forward higher requirements.

Utility model Patent discloses a festive LED simulation electronic candle, including a table seat, a candle body, a flame device, a concave cavity in the center of the seat, a battery slot with a battery in the cavity, a covering cover covering the entire cavity surface, a shaded cover center with a candle body fixed connection, and a fan in the inner cavity of the candle.

The upper end of the candle body is provided with a flame device, and the flame device consists of a fixing plate, a flame sheet, an LED light-emitting diode, and an LED light-emitting diode and a fan are connected by a wire to a power supply in the seat, which is a power.