Synthetic Wax Introduces You To The Use And Application Areas Of E Wax

- Jan 14, 2019-

In the use of products or everyone in the maintenance of some items often used in some of the equipment seems very convenient, can quickly complete the task, but the story behind the product is not known, such as E wax, there are a lot of friends may be silly.

In fact, E wax in reality our life application is still very extensive, Today, Hopewell Chemical as China's largest supplier of E wax to introduce to you some of the knowledge and application of E wax.

SrwaxE Wax is a hard part of the saponification of the wax, the solvent has a strong retention force, suitable for the production of various types of flooring, leather shoes, furniture and other solvent-based glazing agent, high gloss. SrwaxE wax can be used as a lubricant in plastic molding process, both internal and external lubrication, especially suitable for PVC molding process, can improve the smoothness and gloss of the finished product, improve the appearance, can also be used as rubber processing auxiliaries, improve the extrusion molding speed, increase mold flow, demoulding convenience.

The application areas of E wax are:

1, E wax can be used in the daily chemical industry: with lignite wax deep processing products fine wax as special effects cosmetics, such as lipstick, cream, hair gel, the application of a large amount;

2, E wax can be used in precision casting industry: As a medium and high temperature wax mold, can improve the precision and finish of castings;

3, E wax can be used in rubber, plastics, textile industry: used as a lubricant, especially PVC Engineering plastics used as molded and anti-adhesion lubricant;

4, E wax can be applied to the paper industry: used as sizing agent;

5, E wax can be used in the electrical industry: wires, cables and other used as insulation materials, used for waterproofing, anti-corrosion, anti-adhesion, anti-aging and so on;

6, E wax can be used in the printing industry: high-speed printing ink, copy paper, typed wax paper and other coatings, not easy to crack, non-proliferation and seepage of handwriting;

7, E wax can be used in packaging industry, hot melt adhesive industry and candle industry;

8, E wax can be used in drilling, highway pavement maintenance, reservoir plugging, mine dust removal and so on;

9, E Wax can be used in automobiles, furniture, flooring, bicycles, precision instruments and other as high-quality glazing wax and the use of a large amount; 10, E wax can be used in shoe polish industry: leather, leather shoes oil as a brightener.