Synthetic Wax Tells You Three Great Advantages Of Polyethylene Wax

- Jan 19, 2019-

 Polyethylene wax is the medium polymer of ethylene, not only the gaseous state of ethylene, but also different from the hard block of polyethylene, and the wax status, the combination of chemical industry points out that it is widely used, in many industries have a fairly successful application case

Mainly, polyethylene wax has three main advantages:

1, For the color Masterbatch polyethylene wax Price is low The pigment is dispersed in 694 and can be used for non-speckle coloring of PVC, as well as for the coloring of polyamide, while improving demoulding. 694 has been shown to be a good binder for the combination of pigments in polymer particles, but also in high-speed mixers to produce dust-free, non-condensed, easy to flow pigment concentrate of the excellent binder.

2, For PVC polyethylene wax Affordable The important application of polyethylene wax in PVC processing. Compared with fatty acid lubricants, it does not adversely affect melt tension and Vika softening points, and provides excellent anti-adhesion and control flow effects. Polyethylene wax can be used to control melting in special machining methods.

Even large amounts of addition can be well compatible with other ingredients.

3, For Engineering Plastics polyethylene Wax low price, cost-effective As a result of the constant demand for engineering plastics and the efforts of plastic manufacturers to develop new markets for special products, the development of new plastics has been growing, and because applied technology is often in the process of continuous progress, these plastics often bring processing difficulties.

They or have very high molecular weight and thus very poor fluidity, or, for example, durable copolymers at low temperatures, are processed very soon and very viscous. In these applications, engineering plastics additives are highly valuable processing aids due to their low volatility, as well as internal and external lubrication in polar and non-polar plastics, additional demoulding and anti-mobility effects. Recent developments in plastics have shown that only 69 series of polyethylene wax is applied, and these plastics cropping the value of market development.