The Choice Of Candles Changes With The Seasons.

- Mar 01, 2019-

Although there are many kinds of aromatic candles on the market, usually, it should be purchased at a slightly more expensive price.

Because these candles contain more spices, are of better quality and burn more slowly. At the same time, because the spice content is large, this kind of candle is also softer than the ordinary candle, can carry on the indoor incense more effectively.

The waxy soft candles burn more evenly, which allows them to remain in their original shape for longer periods of time. A room overflowing with aroma will immediately appear to have a more home flavor, making people feel comfortable and happy.

In recent years, the popularity of household spices has increased significantly, and there is a wide variety of spices on the market enough to evoke any kind of mood and feeling. Seasonal shifts change, and the way people please themselves is different.

On cold winter nights, people wrap themselves in sheep blankets to keep warm, and hot summers always open windows to ventilate. Similarly, the choice of aromatherapy candles should change depending on the season.

Winter is suitable for burning candles with musk, amber, vanilla and frankincense flavours, while in summer, in order to remain refreshing and comfortable, you should choose roses, lavender and rosemary. 

The sense of smell is the sharpest of human sensations, and on average each person can distinguish between 10,000 or so different odors. Fragrance can be used to adjust the mood, create atmosphere, some fragrance is the best supplement to relax the mood.