The Variety Of Candle Lamps Produced By Candle Lamp Manufacturers

- Feb 12, 2019-

Candle lamp manufacturers produce a large variety of candle lamps, just according to a variety of raw materials classification can also be divided into dozens of species. How many different types of candle lamps are there in a wide variety of styles?

Let's make some differences here.

1. Sort by candle lamp shell raw Material:

Candle lamp Manufacturers in the market production of glass shell and plastic bright shell two raw materials mainly

2. Sort by candle lamp shell color:

With the increase in the demand for specialization, there are many new ideas in the color of candle lamp shell, the common milky white scrub shell (multi-outlet), red shell (mostly used in sacrifice, entertainment venues), tea-colored glass shell (Customer system), according to the special site demand shell color will become more and more rich.

3. According to the Lamp Body structure classification:

(refers to the LED candle lamp in the middle of the heat dissipation aluminum lamp body) lamp body structure can be divided into 2 categories: LED screw candle lamp and LED glossy candle lamp

4. According to the Surface treatment process classification:

(also refers to the lamp body surface treatment process) in the candle lamp aluminum surface treatment process at present mainly to oxidation, electroplating 2 categories, electroplating treatment relative to oxidation treatment will make aluminum surface more glossy and more textured.

5. Sort by lamp head:

Candle lamp used in crystal chandeliers, wall lamps and other decorative lamps on the lamp head mostly E14/E27 mainly, but also useful to E12 lamp head

6. Sort by Function attribute:

Candle lamp manufacturers to produce candle lamps attributed to small auxiliary light source, because the structure of the constraints in the appearance of the shape is difficult to have a new break, so the development is also more and more inclined to the use of electronic applications, there are now LED dimming candle lights, LED color candle lights, dimming color candle lights and so on.