What Is Wax?

- Jan 07, 2019-

Wax is a ester composed of polymer unary alcohol and long-chain fatty acids. In the chemical structure is different from fat, but also different from the protective wax and the artificial composition of polyether wax. therefore also known as Ester wax. Nanyang Paraffin Fine Chemical plant wax is insoluble in water solid, temperature slightly higher time-varying soft, temperature drop time hard. Its biological function is as a protective layer of the organism against the outside environment, present in the skin, fur, hairs, plant leaves, fruits and the surface of the exoskeletons of many insects. 

The long chain fatty acid ester of polymer unary alcohol is called true wax, such as the primary component of special wax is the long chain unary alcohol (C26~C36) palmitic acid ester, wool wax is a very complex mixture, containing ester wax, alcohol and fatty acids. Purified, known as lanolin, is a fatty acid ester of wool-steroids. Brazilian Palm Wax is an important plant wax, a mixture of ester wax, chemical formula for CH3 (CH2) n+1?

COO (CH2) N+1ch3,n=22~32. Wax condensation points are relatively high, about 38~90℃ between. Low iodine values (1~15) indicate that the degree of non-fullness is lower than that of neutral fat. Wax is usually in the narrow sense of fatty acids, a price or divalent lipids and oily substances with higher melting points; in a broad sense, it usually refers to substances such as oils with certain similar traits. There are also differences in the definition of "wax" on different occasions, but in a broad sense, wax is usually in the reference to plants, animals and perhaps mineral deposits and other occurrence of some kind of normal temperature for solids, simple liquefaction after heating may be gasification, simple combustion, insoluble in water, with a certain smooth effect of the material. 

Protective wax is a hydrocarbon mixture extracted from certain fractions of petroleum, shale oil or other bitumen oil deposits, the primary component of which is solid alkanes, odorless and tasteless, and is white or yellowish translucent solids. Protective wax to the wrong crystal, but with a significant crystal structure. There is also artificial protective wax.

Protective wax is a kind of petroleum processing product, it is a kind of mineral wax, and it is also a kind of oil wax. It is derived from crude oil distillation of smooth oil fractions by solvent refining, solvent dewaxing or wax freeze crystallization, pressing dewaxing to make wax paste, and then through the solvent deoiling, refined by the flake or needle-shaped crystallization. Used in the production of high-grade fatty acids, high-grade alcohol, matches, microcrystalline wax, waterproofing agent, ointment, electrical insulation data and so on. Protective wax is divided into food grade (food grade and packaging grade, the former excellent) and industrial grade, food grade non-toxic, industrial grade is not edible.