Where Is The Special Wax-special?

- Jan 12, 2019-

In the future, special wax will rely on a wide range of market prospects, high technical content unique advantages, showing a huge space for development.

One may not notice that there is a smooth film inside the box that dresses instant noodles in everyday life, which is an edible wax.

In fact, with our life is inseparable from the food, medicine, cosmetics, furniture, ink printing, wire and cable, tires, explosives and other items inside there are special wax traces. The development of paraffin deep processing technology in China began in the 1960s, although has been developed for electronic components, temperature sensing elements, pyrotechnics explosives, rubber protection, precision casting and other more than 100 kinds of special wax products, but the quality of products and production can not meet domestic demand. In view of foreign countries, paraffin deep processing industrialization has been more than more than 100 years of history. In the United States, Western Europe and Japan and other industrial developed countries in total paraffin production and sales, special wax accounted for 35%~40%.

Special in the market prospects are wide

Rubber protective wax products are used as physical anti-aging agents for the production of radial tires, oblique tires, engineering tires and other rubber products, and are widely used in tire enterprises. Rubber protective Wax is the application of special wax in China, the market is more mature, the demand is large and the most promising varieties in the future.

Special in high technical content

Because of the specificity and particularity of special wax, it is only suitable for some kind of industry special wax, high technical content. such as explosive composite wax is only applicable to the explosive industry, in improving the explosive performance of explosives and the use of safety has played a very good effect. Previously, in the explosive composite wax has not yet appeared, explosive enterprises need to buy a lot of such as paraffin, microcrystalline wax, oil, compound agent and other materials added to the process, but now only need to add a certain proportion of explosive composite wax on it.

Similar to high-strength refractory special wax, slow release fertilizer special wax, bottle handicraft seal special wax and so on.